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ChargePoint Home Flex 50A Electric Vehicle (EV) Charger

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The ChargePoint Home electric vehicle charger is a WiFi-enabled, single-family home charger that is ideal for personal garages or driveways. Add up to 37 miles of Range Per Hour to your EV with ChargePoint® Home Flex, a 240-volt Level 2 home charger that delivers up to 50 amps of power. Most drivers will use 32 or 40 amps. 48 or 50 amps will give you the fastest charge, but may require electrical upgrades. Set the amperage that matches your electrical panel capacity and car to see how fast you can charge.
This unit can be ordered with a NEMA 6-50 plug, NEMA 14-50 plug or Hardwired
person hand plugging the Chargepoint charger in an electric vehicle
This Charger is Recommended to Work With:
Chevrolet Bolt
Chrysler Pacifica
BMW i3

Hyundai Kona
Hyundai Ioniq
Honda Clarity
Jaguar I-PACE
Mazda MX-30 EV
Tesla Models
Toyota Prius Prime
Volvo Recharge

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Voice control capabilities so you can manage your charger with Amazon Echo/Alexa.

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Set a schedule to only charge when electricity is cheapest, set reminders so you never forget to plug in, use Alexa voice control, and see all your ChargePoint charging data in one place.

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This Charger is WiFi Enabled.
Works with Alexa badge

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Get the ChargePoint App

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Find the app on Google Play and the Apple App Store.

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Download on the Apple App Store


level 2 charging

Level 2 charging

easy install

Both indoor and outdoor installation. Flexible and easy installation.

integrated safety features

UL listed for safety

Fast Charging

9x Faster charging times

JuiceNet App for JuiceBox

Mobile app for iPhone and Android devices for control anytime, anywhere


What is a level 2 charging station?

A level 2 charging Station provides charging through a 240-volt plug and requires the installation of additional charging equipment by a licensed electrician/installer. Level 2 chargers typically deliver 10 to 60 miles of range per hour of charging. Level 2 is used in homes, workplaces, and for some public charging.

This charger is built on the universal J1772 charging standard, and is a Level 2 charging station that can power all electric vehicles on the market today, including Teslas via an adapter commonly used by Tesla drivers.


What You Need to Know About Installation.

Many stations plug into your home or office via a NEMA 14-50 electrical plug. When hiring an electrician, request that they install a NEMA 14-50 receptacle for the rating of your JuiceBox or other JuiceNet Device (typically a 40A or 50A circuit). Make sure the receptacle is installed very close to the place where you plan to mount your charging station. NEMA 14-50 input cable is about 1.7 feet long. The ground prong is furthest away from the JuiceBox.

The hardwired EV charging station requires hardwired input whip installation. Ask your electrician to connect the station with a protected, NEMA-compliant junction box.

This plug-in EV home charging station uses a 240V plug (NEMA 14-50). A professional electrician may be required for installation if you do not already have a NEMA 14-50 outlet.

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