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SRP Bring Your Own Thermostat Program™ (BYOT)


The hottest days of the year create heavy demand on the energy grid. Sometimes on these high-demand days we need to draw on more power sources, and energy can get more expensive.

By joining the SRP Bring Your Own Thermostat Program™ (BYOT), you can help reduce energy use on the occasional extra-hot day. There is no effort required during these events and SRP will automatically adjust your thermostat temperature by no more than four degrees to help lower energy demand during peak hours.

The SRP Bring Your Own Thermostat Program (BYOT) is free to join, and in exchange for enrolling, you’ll get a $50 enrollment bonus on an eligible smart thermostat to help you save!

For customers purchasing a Google Nest thermostat, the enrollment bonus on the SRP Marketplace™ is available to new Nest customers only. Current Nest customers on the SRP Bring Your Own Thermostat Program (BYOT) will receive their enrollment bonus as a credit on their SRP bill after connecting their new Nest thermostat.*Google, Nest Thermostat and Nest Learning Thermostat are trademarks of Google LLC.

Perks of Joining

  • Save an extra $50 on a smart thermostat when you enroll
    If you sign up for the SRP Bring Your Own Thermostat Program (BYOT) when you buy a smart thermostat on SRP Marketplace, you’ll get an instant $50 off your purchase as an enrollment bonus. Combine this with other potential instant rebates, and you could get up to $100 off!

  • Automated smart thermostat adjustments — but you retain control
    The SRP Bring Your Own Thermostat Program (BYOT) automatically adjusts your smart thermostat for you around conservation events. We take your regular settings and your local weather into account and pre-cool your home when energy demand is lower, then adjust your temperature during the conservation event itself. However, this doesn’t mean you lose control of your settings: you’ll always be notified about upcoming conservation events, and you can override automatic adjustments at any time.

  • Reduce waste
    By participating in a conservation event, you can help prevent the need to turn on additional, more expensive, and less environmentally-friendly resources to meet energy demand.

How it works

  1. Choose a smart thermostat, then check your eligibility
    Add your smart thermostat to your cart, then check your SRP account eligibility for your enrollment bonus and instant rebates. If your SRP account is eligible, your discounts will be automatically applied to your cart. Just go through the checkout process to sign up and save!

  2. Perform quick-and-easy installation
    Once your smart thermostat is installed in your home and connected to Wi-Fi, your enrollment will be complete, and your smart thermostat will immediately begin analyzing your routine and preferred settings.

  3. Start saving energy
    During a handful of the hottest days of the year, when energy demand is at its highest, the SRP Bring Your Own Thermostat Program (BYOT) will schedule a conservation event.* Before the Adjustment event, your smart thermostat may pre-cool your home so you’ll stay comfortable during the hours when the thermostat is raised during the Adjustment event. During the adjustment event, your smart thermostat temperature will be raised by no more than four degrees to help reduce energy demand during peak hours.*You will be notified the day of each conservation event, and can opt out as needed.

Limitations and eligibility

Eligibility requirements
To be eligible to join the SRP Bring Your Own Thermostat Program (BYOT), you must:

  • Be an SRP residential customer 

  • Install the smart thermostat in your household and use it to control your central cooling system

  • Keep the smart thermostat connected to an active Wi-Fi network

  • Not be an active or previous BYOT participant at your current address

Purchase limitations
When purchasing smart thermostats through the SRP Marketplace, you can enroll:

  • Up to two smart thermostats of the same brand, based on your SRP account eligibility

  • Tax and shipping are calculated at checkout

Smart Thermostats

Find the best thermostat for your home
Explore our selection of Smart Thermostats that are eligible for the SRP Bring Your Own Thermostat Program (BYOT) and receive the $50 enrollment bonus on your purchase today!

Already have a smart thermostat?
You can still enroll it in SRP Bring Your Own Thermostat Program (BYOT)! Sign up now and receive a $50 bill credit. Enroll now.

The details

Conservation Events

  • At the start of an event, your thermostat will be automatically adjusted up to 4 degrees above the current temperature.

  • The adjustment will typically last no more than 3 hours and will occur between 12 pm and 9 pm. Adjustments will not occur on holidays.

  • Once the adjustment event is over, your thermostat will return to its normal set point and/or schedule.

  • In some cases, your thermostat might be adjusted down 2 degrees prior to an adjustment event to pre-cool your home.

  • You can opt out of an event at any time from your mobile device, web browser, or thermostat. For the majority of devices, when you opt out of the pre-cool, you are also opting out of the conservation event. If you own an ecobee device, you must also opt out of the conservation event.

Install to hold onto your savings
After you purchase your thermostat, you’ll receive an email with instructions on how to install it and connect it to Wi-Fi. You must install and connect your thermostat to your central air conditioning within 60 days from when the device ships in order to keep your enrollment bonus. If you do not, you will be charged the value of the enrollment bonus on your credit card.

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