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JuiceBox 48 Electric Vehicle Charger (Hardwire)

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JuiceBox 48 is a smart home charging station with a high maximum power output for drivers whose cars accept higher power levels, such as many Tesla models.* The JuiceBox 48 packs 11.5 kilowatts, and automatically adjusts to an EV's accepted power level for safe, convenient home charging. JuiceBox provides easy, reliable, and cost-effective charging to thousands of satisfied EV drivers and is the only line of charging stations that affords both direct user control and smart grid optimization through our software platform, JuiceNet®.


This Charger:

  • Charges your vehicle faster with 11.5 kW maximum power output
  • Control charging anywhere, any time via our mobile app and web portal
  • Reduce your energy costs by scheduling charging when rates are low
  • Has a cleaner electricity mix to reduce your emissions (in applicable geographies)
  • Participates in smart grid programs to further lower the cost of owning and driving your EV (in applicable geographies)

*Tesla requires adapter

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