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Take control of your home with these smart accessories.

  • Dusk-to-Dawn A19

    Simply Conserve

    Dusk-to-Dawn A19 Bulb

    Simply Conserve's dusk-to-dawn A19 takes the hassle out of controlling exterior fixtures by integrating its own photocell for automatic on/off control based on ambient light. This lamp is an ideal replacement product for those exterior areas controlled...

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  • Motion sensing Flood LED


    Motion Sensor LED, BR30 8W (65W equiv), 3000K

    This Greenlite 8-watt Motion Sensor LED Floodlight is the ideal solution for saving money within an office, workshop, studio, retail space or small commercial space. How does it work? The bulb automatically turns on when it detects motion, illuminating...

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  • 7-Outlet Advanced Power Strip

    Simply Conserve

    7-Outlet Advanced Power Strip

    Eliminate excess energy use and trim utility bills with this energy saving advanced power strip. It works by intelligently cutting off power to connected devices when they're not in use, eliminating phantom and standby power losses without ever...

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  • LED A-lamp 5W Battery Back-up

    Simply Conserve

    5W Battery Backup Bulb

    A power outage shouldn't mean complete darkness. That's why the Simply Conserve® Battery Backup Bulb functions like a normal light bulb—until it's needed most. When the power goes out, the bulb stays on by operating in back-up battery mode. It...

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  • A19 Smart LED, 9W (60 equiv.), 2700K-5000K

    Simply Conserve

    A19 Smart LED, 9W (60 equiv.), 2700K-5000K

           Illuminate a world of possibilities with your smart home bulbs. Change brightness and color based on your daily activity. Bring them to life by naming, grouping and sharing your smart bulbs. With the touch of a finger or the...

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  • Advanced Power Strip, 4-outlet Tier 1


    Advanced Power Strip, 4-outlet Tier 1

    Standby power, also commonly referred to as vampire power or phantom load, is the energy electronics continue to draw when they are plugged in, but turned off. The TrickleStar TS0006 Tier 1 Advanced PowerTap provides premium, fireproof surge protection...

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  • Sensor on white background

    Cooper Wiring Devices

    Occupancy Sensor Switch, 600W

    Enjoy advanced energy savings and state-of-the-art automation with this occupancy and vacancy sensor. The motion sensor lighting controls use advanced Passive Infrared (PIR) and ultrasonic sensing technology to detect your presence and switch lights ON...

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  • Solar Charging Power Bank, 2 amp, 4000 mAh, Black

    Simply Conserve

    Solar Charging Power Bank

    Our Solar Charging Power Bank can recharge your phone or mobile device on the go. The power bank can either charge your devices using the built-in li-polymer battery, which can store energy when it’s not in use, or by placing it in sunlight for...

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  • Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Power Strip


    Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Power Strip

    With independent control of 6 devices and extra USB ports to charge 3 others, the kasa smart Wi-Fi power strip is ideal for your family rooms, home office or small business, power up your office remotely and even your holiday lights. Remotely control...

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  • Advanced Power Strip, 12-Outlet, Tier 1


    Advanced Power Strip, 12-Outlet, Tier 1

    Standby power, also commonly referred to as vampire power or phantom load, is the energy electronics continue to draw when they are plugged in, but turned off. The TrickleStar TS1006 12-outlet Advanced PowerStrip (APS) provides premium, fireproof surge...

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  • Smart Recessed Downlight Retrofit sideview

    Simply Conserve

    12W WiFi+BLE Smart Downlight, RGB+CCT, E26, 950 lm

    Stay connected to your lighting. Use Amazon Alexa or the Google Assistant for easy voice control. Operate the lamp directly from your phone with no hub required. Change the lamp’s brightness and color based on your activities. Schedule automatic...

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  • Black and Green Advanced Tier 2 tricklestar powerstrip with Multi-sensor


    Advanced Power Strip + Multi-sensor 7-outlet Tier 2

    Tier 2 advanced power strips maximize energy savings by reducing the amount of Active & Standby Power wasted by home AV systems. A sophisticated sensor monitors user engagement with the AV system, detecting infrared remote control activity and motion...

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  • 7 Outlet Tricklestar Advanced Powerstrip Tier 1


    Advanced Power Strip 7-outlet Tier 1

    A Tier 1 advanced power strip provides premium quality surge protection and reduces the amount of standby power consumed by electronics. These types of power strips eliminate standby power losses by shutting off power to peripheral devices such as a DVD...

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  • Carbon Monoxide Detector, 9V battery operated

    First Alert

    Carbon Monoxide Detector, 9V battery operated

    9V Battery Electrochemical Carbon Monoxide Alarm with Silence. Features Electrochemical CO Sensor Silence Feature Sealed Battery End of Life Signal provides audible notification when alarms needs to be replaced Tamper Resistant Locking Pin 9V Battery...

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  • Hue Bridge


    Hue Smart Lighting Bridge

    This smart device is compatible with Alexa and Google voice assistants.        The brains of the Philips Hue smart lighting system, the Hue Bridge allows you to connect and control up to 50 lights and accessories. Simply plug it in...

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  • Nest Hub, Chalk (2nd Gen)


    Nest Hub (2nd Generation)

    Meet the new Nest Hub. Simple smart home control. Entertainment made easy. Catch up on Netflix shows, watch YouTube videos, listen to music on the enhanced speaker, relive your favorite Google Photos, and more. Control your smart home. With just a tap -...

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  • Nest Hub Max in Chalk


    Nest Hub Max

    Whether you're across the house or across the country, Nest Hub Max helps everyone stay in touch. You can make video calls or leave video messages with Duo. It’s hands-free, so just say, “Hey Google, call Grandma.” The 10-inch HD...

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