Advanced Power Strip 7-outlet Tier 1

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A Tier 1 advanced power strip provides premium quality surge protection and reduces the amount of standby power consumed by electronics. These types of power strips eliminate standby power losses by shutting off power to peripheral devices such as a DVD player or printer when a primary control device such as a TV or Desktop PC is turned off.

This seven-outlet advanced power strip with adjustable switching threshold provides premium-quality surge protection while reducing standby power consumed by computer or television electronics in either residential or commercial applications. It features current-sensing circuitry with an adjustable switching threshold to detect whether the control device (typically a TV or PC) is either on, off, or in a standby state. Through simple automation, the power strip saves energy by automatically turning on or off the switched outlets based on the status of the control device (on, off, or in standby). The adjustable threshold switch allows the user to easily calibrate the power strip to the power value of the control device, ensuring compatibility with all types of appropriately-connected products. Additional and premium features include fireproof surge protection, LED status indicator lights, child protection covers, and a heavy-duty power cord with an angled, space-saver plug. 

The Tier 1 Advanced Power Strip:

  • Provides premium quality, fireproof surge protection for PC and TV peripherals
  • Eliminates standby power consumed by PC and TV peripherals
  • Protects electronics with state of the art surge protection
  • Provides simple automation to reduce plug-load
  • Is easy to install

Product Warranty: 10 Years


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