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Water Savers

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Save water and energy without sacrificing performance.

  • Single-Function Showerhead, Chrome, 1.5 GPM


    Single-Function Showerhead, Chrome, 1.5 GPM

    The Multifunction Showerhead has ABS fittings and shall attach to shower arms with ½" NPT male fittings; has two distinct spray patterns; a 50 nozzle full body spray and a massaging spray. In addition, a pause feature enables users to save...

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  • 1.75 GPM Matte Black Rainfall Spa

    Niagara Conservation

    1.75 GPM Matte Black Rainfall Spa™

    The Rainfall Spa™ features a 360˚ ball-joint swivel for easy adjustment. The showerhead provides a wide, full-body spray pattern, giving the user a soothing rain shower experience. Features Sleek, modern design with large 8" diameter face plate...

    Full Price: $54.99
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  • Dual Threaded Bubble Faucet Aerator

    Niagara Conservation

    Dual Threaded Bubble Faucet Aerator, 1.0 GPM

    Did you know that, beyond saving water, our faucet aerators save you money on heating the water? For your utility bills, the reduced flow rate really does double duty. Plus, the durable plastic screen is easier to clean than traditional metal...

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  • ShowerStart® TSV3


    ShowerStart® TSV3

    With this clever device you'll have more hot water, more convenience, more freedom and lower utility bills - all without changing your shower's feel or flow. ShowerStart TSV3 works by effortlessly saving the hot water that's wasted while you're waiting...

    Full Price: $29.99
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